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avgas is designed for long stints of high rpm. wont really help a dirtbike out

So wrong. Do you even know what kind of RPM's a Lycoming or Continental run? I do, I fly for a living. In the PA31 I fly, we are limited to 2575 RPM's for 3 minutes, and 2400 continuous. Is that high RPM's? Not exactly. The reason for the high octane is the exact opposite of what you are saying. With the amount of power, and the large bore, cylinder pressures are usually high. Add a turbo charger that produces nearly twice the amount of atmospheric pressure (sometime I see nearly 50" of manifold pressure of take off), with no intercooler (to complex/takes up too much space) and the potential for detonation is HUGE! And the only reason the lead is in there is to help cushion detonation if it does happen.

Here are a few picturs from my FB page.

Edit to add. I found a pic of the center stack/avionics. Look at the tach and MP gauges. This picture was taken on the ground, not running. Notice the MP gauge reads atmospheric pressure.

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