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Planet Minis Forum Rules and Etiquette

Forum Rules and Etiquette
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Event Forums
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Mini Bike Events

All race events go here. All events will be added to the calendar. DO NOT POST A QUESTION ABOUT A RACE. If you have a question about a race please post in the general event talk
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General Event Talk

Have a race idea, or want to talk about race results? Talk it up!
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Canada Events

Post all Canadian Events Here!
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Local Ride Days

Holding a local ride day that isn't a sanctioned event? Please post it here and have the location in the subject line.
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Where to Ride

Wondering what tracks or where you might be able to ride your minibike or pitbike? This forum contains the information you need. Please only list places and tracks to ride in this section. No other material should go in here.
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General Talk

Planet Minis Announcements

Planet Minis Announcement and New features
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Pitbikes of the month

Forum dedicated to Planet Minis pitbikes of the month
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Roost Area

topics relating to minis! Talk it up!
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This is for general chatting containing topics relating to the Honda CRF50
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KLX110, DRZ110, TTR90

Post all your 90 and 110 questions here
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Honda CRF70

Post all your Honda CRF70 questions, comments and discussions here
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Honda CRF110

Discussions for the new Honda CRF110.
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Honda Grom / MSX125

Discussions for the Honda Grom / Honda MSX 125, the new fuel-injected 125cc bike! (Honda Grom Forum, Honda MSX 125 Forum)
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Bigger Minis Forum

All discussion relating to the XR/CRF100/150-DR/DRZ/KLX125 TTR125
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Honda CRF125

Discussions for the Honda CRF125/CRF125F
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Honda CRF150R And CRF150F

Feel free to discuss any and all CRF150R topics here.
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Yamaha TTR50

Forum solely dedicated to the newly released TTR50. Please post all your Yamaha TTR50 information here.
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Z50, CT70 and JDM Monkeybikes

This forum is for general discussion regarding the Honda Z50A K0 - 1999, Honda Monkey, Honda CT70, and Import Replicas.
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1988 ZB50 and ZB Import Replica Bikes

This forum is for general information regarding the 1988 Honda ZB50, 1987 Honda Monkey R, 1988 Honda Monkey RT and the Import replicas.
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NSR50, NSF100F, MB5, NS1 and RCV Mini

Forum Dedicated to 2 smoke NSR50, MB5, NS1 and the 4 stroke NSF100F and RCV mini conversions
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Scooter Forum

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Vintage Honda XR75 and JDM Vertical Motors

This forum is for general information regarding the Honda XR75 and the Japanese Market Bikes including the Dream 50, Dream 50R Ape 50, Ape 100, XR50 Motard, XR100 Motard, Honda R&P and Naughty Dax.
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1973-1985 ATC70 and TRX70

Forum Dedicated to the Honda ATC70 and TRX70 for general discussion and information sharing
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Chinese/Import Minis - General Discussion

Forum for all topics relating to Chinese and Import Minis in the including bike comparisons, Tech, and General Discussion.
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Stunt Minis

General Forum dedicated to Stunting and Stunting related topics for Honda, Kawasaki and Import Minis.
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2 Stroke Pitbikes

General Discussion Regarding the Honda CR85, CR80, CR60 Yamaha YZ85, YZ80, YZ60, pw50, pw80 Kawasaki KX100, KX85, KX80 , KX65, KX60 Suzuki RM85, RM80, RM65, RM60 KTM 105SX, 85SX, 80, 65SX Cobra 65 LEM 50 65
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All discussions pertaining to motopeds and motorized bicycles.
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New to the site? Introduce yourself here!
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How-To's / Tutorials This is the how-to's forums. Submit your how-to articles in its proper category, once they have been approved they will show up in the forum. The approval process is for quality control.


Everything on performance modifications
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Maintenance on your minibike
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New Products

New products in the industry
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Everything that doesn't fit
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Honda CRF110 Parts For Sale

Put all your used Honda CRF110 parts for sale here. Do not list complete bikes in this forum.
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CRF50/CRF70 Parts For Sale

Put all your used CRF50/CRF70 parts for sale here. Do not list complete bikes in this forum.
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KLX110/Midsize Parts for Sale

Put all your used KLX110/Midsize parts for sale here. Do not list complete bikes in this forum.
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Z50, CT70, ZB50 and other Honda Parts

This forum is for the vintage crowd wanting to buy and sell parts.
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Import/Chinese Parts for Sale

Put all your new and used Import/Chinese parts for sale here. Do not list complete bikes in this forum.
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Misc Items for Sale

For Sale Section for all non-bike related parts and goods including helmets, shoes, boots, ipods, RC cars and all the other items you want to sell to fund your mini addiction.
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Complete Bikes For Sale - All makes and models

This forum is for people who are selling complete bikes. If you are parting out a bike, it does not go in this forum.
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  • 12.7M

Bikes and Parts Wanted - All Makes

This forum is for people searching for bikes and parts from other members.
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  • 6.7M

Feelers and What is my bike/parts worth?

Archived - Forum for "Feeler" threads for people who aren't committed to selling items yet and want to see how much their parts are worth. No buying and selling in this forum. When the member can commit, the "For Sale" ads can be moved to the normal classifieds.
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Buyer and Seller Feedback Forums

Please post your buyer and seller experiences on purchases you've made from other members of the Planetminis community here.
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Vendor Member Section The specific vendor areas are for manufacturer's only. They have full control over there own forum and can delete posts at will. If you don't want your post deleted, don't post it in the vendor area.

Vendor Area

This forum is for Planetminis sponsors ONLY! Vendor announcements, future product releases, general product information, for sale items, specials to membership, etc.
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Vendor Deals

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Vendor Area - Wanted

This forum is dedicated to members who would like to request parts or services from the Advertisers here on Planetminis.
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Parts, gear and accessories at
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T-Bolt USA

T-Bolt USA vendor forum
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  • 793K

TB Parts

TB Parts vendor forum
361 93.5K
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  • 93.5K

Pitster Pro

Pitster Pro
7.8K 1.2M
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  • 1.2M

JJW Designs

JJW Designs vendor forum
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Wholesale Cycle - Akron, OH - (330) 434-7777
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Community Help Section

Community Help

Notice an issue with your account or the site? Post here for help.
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Off Topic Section

Off Topic

Everything that has nothing to do with Minis!
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