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TNTminis867 said:
im just going off numbers MDK KTM gave me... they obviously know what they are talking about if they had a factory team i have had 2 pales of U4.2 run 2 jets apart from each other with the same reading on the RAD gage... yeah it makes more power than pump consistantly but still not worth the jetting hassle week in and week out for local races

Dude.. I don't want to call bull**** on this one.. but.. "bull****". You're doing something wrong if your jetting is wrong like that.

If you bought "race gas" that the dude down the street is making with some special sauce in his garage.. sure. But not real live race fuel. Unless the stuff is old as heck or possibly the plastic pour neck was broken or cracked. Either of those are possible, but otherwise, no chance did you do everything right. None.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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