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Awesome! I have one in a zb50 and one in a ct70. My buddy is wanting one for his ct70, I just sent him the link.

Does anyone make a billet rearset shifter arm that will clear the huge stator cover? I had to butcher the stock shifter to make it work with the rearsets on my zb50.

The kick start lever hangs out pretty far and would be nice to have an aftermarket upgrade that hugged the engine a little better.

I also would be interested in seeing some aftermarket upgrades like an adapter to rotate intake manifold, custom stator, clutch and valve covers, mappable ignition, selection of aftermarket cams, EFI kits, big bore kits, brackets for head mounted oil coolers, lightened flywheels, high output stator kits, megabomb style headers, and lastly a BLACK ENGINE.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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