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Z50J HondaGorilla project from finland [110cc]

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Hello fellas!

I am from Finland and I am building a Gorilla with Honda Z50J frame and with tuned Honda engine. My project started about half a year ago and when started this project the situation was like this:
Vehicle Tire Automotive tire Fender

Next thing I did was that I bought a Honda`s 4gear bottom end that had been outside for few years. I opened it up it looked like this:

Collection Technology Electronic device Games Art

Auto part Transmission part

Gearbox condition was nice so I used the original gearbox with new bearings:

Auto part Engine Automotive engine part Transmission part Tool accessory

Auto part

To be continued --->
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I wanted the engine to be more powerful so I decided to fit 110cc top end for Honda`s blocks.

Auto part Engine Automotive engine part Vehicle Automotive super charger part

Auto part Carburetor Vehicle Engine

Engine Auto part Automotive engine part Vehicle Carburetor

(This is just a testing setup with random cylinder head plates and etc)

Few images above from the engine setup job.

Right now the engine is built with 110cc camshaft, Oil pump from 110cc engine, 2 disc clutch, 110cc cylinder, piston and 110cc cylinder head with ported intake.


Next thing i do for the engine is that i paint some digicamo to the clutch and magneto cover and mount oil cooler into it.

Wait for the third part --->
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And now you guys wonder what is happening for the monkey/gorilla. Well, it is going to be brutal Army Gorilla with powerfull engine and with hight ground clearance.

Now you see some pictures on below whats going on.

The front fork is from Sachs Madass and i needed to do some work with the front fork to fit on my monkey. Originally it was 680mm high, i lowered it a bit and now it is 610mm.

Bicycle fork Titanium Metal

Let`s continue with the images. These are some random images from the project.

Helmet Personal protective equipment Headgear Vehicle Car

Red Bicycle handlebar Auto part Fuel tank

Japan works exhaust and tank before painting

Gun Muffler

It`s going to be something like this

Robot Machine Technology

(Don`t laught for the rear swing arm, it is just for test purpose to see wich size looks better)

Next part coming soon --->
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Some images more


Robot Machine Technology Radio-controlled toy Toy

On last week i received more parts

And now the bike looks like this:

Machine Vehicle

Next thing that I do for Gorilla it is to fit +8cm selfmade swing arm into it with these 330mm gas absorbers:
Suspension part Shock absorber Auto part Suspension

By the way, this will be on display at finnish motor show called ”American car show” (It is finnish site but sure you can check the images)

Now if you read all this text, understood something and watched images, feel free to laught, comment or give some ideas for me. :)
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super rad .. diggin the paint scheme with the star.
Two front brake calipers and master cylinders??
Looks like a Rage Against the Machine bike.
Thank you for comments.
I ordered only one brake caliber but i received two :p So i sold the other one to my friend.

here you see some pictures from swing arm:
Auto part


I still need to do some modifications to fit it in and i am going to paint it black like the frame and front fork.
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haha :D
Yes, me too. The wooden swing arm has it`s own features that metal cant do
...this will be on display at finnish motor show called ”American car show” (It is finnish site but sure you can check the images)

Now if you read all this text, understood something and watched images, feel free to laught, comment or give some ideas for me. :)
I like it!

I just missed the American Car Show in Helsinki when I was there on a business trip a couple of years ago. I was bummed because they were advertising it on the radio while I was there ("Radio Rock!"), and a number of my Finnish friends were going to participate in the show with their air-cooled Volkswagens.

If you see any VW guys and their cars at the American Car Show, tell them that I sent you to check out their handiwork and to say hei.

If i see some VW guys, i will greet them.

Yes, i also like finnish radio station called "Radio Rock" Right now i am listening it :)
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Now the rear swing fits

Gun Machine Vehicle

Tire Vehicle Automotive tire Bicycle part Automotive wheel system

This is just a test setup to see how it looks. I am going to paint it black. And what comes to chain line, I think that I need to do some kind of chain guard for swing arm.
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Ooo, that swing arm angle is STEEP. You may want to change out your shocks for shorter (you will have problems with drive chain tension and high wear on any chain guide you install) or extend your swing arm to reduce the angle and retain some of the extra ground clearance you wanted.
Yes it is steep, but i can not reduce the angle because then the rear is on too low. I think that when I place 17h front sprocket and chain guard, i dont have problems at all.

You can see that this monkey has a pretty bad swing arm angle, but it works just fine with chain guard. Land vehicle Vehicle Motorcycle Motor vehicle Car

Also notice chinese cheap aluminium swing arm that is bent like a hell :)
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Now I have painted the swing arm and few other parts as you can see.

Bumper Automotive exterior Auto part Vehicle

Photography Electronic device


The clutch case is going to be painted with digicamo painting, this is the base colour.

Handle Metal

This isn`t very big update, but it is something ;)
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I have not done anything speciall lately, ordered some little parts (magneto cover, feet stand, side stand, wires etc) and done some small painting works etc. (clutch case still needs two colour layers).
On last week I recieved a letter from thailand. There came a sticker for side panel.
Red Facial hair Illustration Stencil Beard

Then I tested how it looks with rear tire (the tire is empty) And dont worry about the ugly backpack, it is not going to stay like this if it stays at all :)
Auto part Engine Automotive engine part Vehicle Car

In my opinion the front fork looks now better with green alloys.
Bicycle fork Suspension part Suspension Auto part Vehicle
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Pleasure to hear that you like it :)
Hello, it`s been quit for a while, but I have done only small things for this. This is an update wich shows where are we going now.

Side panel sticker attached
Toilet seat Toilet Plumbing fixture

Then I have done rear fender

Front fork with gasmask headlight:
Gas mask Mask Personal protective equipment Costume Headgear

And this is the situation now
Auto part Engine Vehicle Automotive engine part
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