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Z50A K6 info needed! And pics.

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I'm restoring a K6 monkey from -74/75. I need service manual and parts list and pictures of the K6 (Candy Ruby Red).

Here is a link to my pics of the restoration. Unfortunatley the text is in swedish only but the pics speaks for them selves:D

I just bought the bike and she is road leagal but needs a lot of work to make the control.

I know it came without indicators and I´m pretty shore it also came without speedo but I'm not 100% shure.

All info on the model is apreciated, if the model was sold with a horn, brakelight, speedo, high beam?

Thanks Vallejos
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xr80david said:
But, if you want a parts list,

you can just click HERE and fill in your bike information.
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