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As the title suggests:

Some Honda stuff

I had originally built a hybrid z/ct/atc engine, got it together and found that my new used ATC70 head was junk (valve seals, cam journals, plug threads). New plans don't involve this engine so it's gotta go.

Items are priced individually, should someone show an interest in multiple items discounts will apply. Take it all for a VERY REASONABLE price!

Pricing is not horrendously firm, make an offer I can't refuse! My photography skills are into the negative integer, if you need more crappy pics I'll gladly oblige.

sandyrob at

Please use pm's to communicate.

1973 Z50A Short block;

all new seals,

new gaskets

rebuilt auto clutch with new plates,

new timing chain and pulley kit

new oil screen

thoroughly cleaned

new rubbers for kicker and shift levers.


Trans seems to be sound, didn't get alot of time to run it when it was together. Points and ignition is setup and works just fine.

50 Cylinder is included but is seperate from the engine (good bore, will need hone, you will need a new base gasket) piston can be had but it's well worn. The head can be included as well but it is a paper weight (needs valve seats, cam journals are done, broken fins, galled spark plug threads and so on). Timing cover included but has been attacked by some moron with a tube of epoxy :oops:

Asking $60 USD plus shipping. The plates, timing chain kit, seals and gasket kit cost me more than this. Will throw in a good used cam to go with the new cam gear!

1973 Z50A Carburetor, Intake and Filter

Removed from a running engine,

has been serviced / cleaned, spark arrestor is intact

A brand new OEM filter is included,

Included but not shown is the heat diffuser

Asking $40 USD plus shipping?

197* Z50A possibly Z50J Exhaust? Definately OEM. Excellent 'driver' pipe.

Has rectangular cleanout (3 screws) on underside of pipe? Nearly identical appearance to standard 1973 Z50A (cleanout being the difference).

Bolts right up to Z50A

Solid, NO LEAKS or dents

Includes collars,

heat shield for muffler,

chrome muffler cover (8.5 out of 10, no dents, a few surface scratches very nice for a rider) with screws and fiber washers,

Header heat shields are trashed and not included.

This pipe has some carbon buildup in the muffler, not horrible. The baffle core is free and not seized. Overall needs paint to be presentable.

Asking $40 USD plus shipping?

1970 CT70 Cylinder and Piston with Pin

Very nice condition,

Excellent compression,

includes dowels

currently installed on Z50a bottom end listed above. Can and will seperate.

Asking $30 USD plus shipping?


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