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yx150 or 160 engine for honda replacement

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Ok here is the deal I road race a takegawa 124Superhead but I will be doing a ton of rideing in parking lots local tracks and so on.. Dont mind spending 600.oo for the engine and would like 14 to 16 hp... I want something I can run in between races and not kill my race motor.. I know a ton about the honda stuff but very little on the China stuff.. I see where there are a ton of upgrades for the 150 engine. Simple cylinder and piston swap V2 heads and so on.. Now I dont wana put anything on this thing except an inner rotor kit and ride change the oil. So I want something close to reliable.. Didnt know if the longer cyclider of the 160 would cause me to have to raise my front end up some, its really lowered for raodracing.. How much hp does a good running 150 make and a 160 make.. And is there many hop up parts for the 160 as well.. Thanks for your input ill probably buy from a PM vendor but want to make the best choice.. Bikes a CRF 50 framed motorcycle
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the cylinder on the 150/160 are the same. get the 160, has a better crank.
11.5 hp outta the GPX150 and 12hp outta the GPX160 with more tq then the 150.

the new GPX160 come with a sweet ORK

you can drop a V2 on a 150 or 160 and get around 4hp and add a 28mm carb for about 1.5hp

and it will be reliable and more powerfull then your 125.
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Taz 69 we dyno the 160 motor with a tb 184 kit and a pwk 28 carb,fmf 4.1 pipe at 18hp
Search YX150 or 160 and you'll get most of the answers you're looking for.
Guys thanks a ton looks like the 160 takes the win.. And if GPX 160 comes with a IRK thats what I will be getting.. Does anyone sell them with the 28mm carb on them? Agin thanks for the input..
We sale the 160 motor , 28 mm pwk carb and big bore kits
the chinese IRK is junk, might last 2-3 laps if your lucky, the new ORK works 500 times better.
or just get a kitaco irk ,,,,there cheaper than ever and most guys run them for years with out fail

let me know if u need help getting set up with a motor
the chinese IRK is junk, might last 2-3 laps if your lucky, the new ORK works 500 times better.
whats the issue with them...the flywheel...the coil pickup... cdi...or what?

I have heard many mixed reviews of them. What about the irk that come with the 150 engines?
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