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YX 150 help? Cases need split. Any upgrades?

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New to the forum....having major problems with my yx 150 nitro motor. Never was right out of the box, was jumping in and out of third and locked up. Found bearing outer skirt in case when I pulled the first time. Upon another inspection after pulling clutch and oil pump, found these chunks...thank you oil screen!! It has broken a part of the case, but not completely. My ??? is should I send it to have it repaired or am I looking at a parts motor now?? Money wise.......have around 500.00 in it complete. What type of money to split this and repair? Also....heard it from a friend there is an upgrade to this weak inner case for these and it may be a common problem. Anybody??? By the way....the motor does still run great in all the other gears..thanks here are the pics
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tblumer said:
I thought the nitros had the case upgrades? The one I got from Wholesale is starting to act up when kicking it over, and I haven't even got 20 minutes of run time on it. I presume that's why he was clearing them out cheap. I even modded the flywheel to help with the kickback. Oh well, even with having to buy the case upgrade it was still cheaper than my Lifan.
Mine did it new within the first 20 minutes as well:confused: Better quit while you are ahead I would guess. This motor is in a atc 70 3 wheeler and will be push started from now on, no kicker for me. It runs flat track only, no woods or trails. Could someone provide a manual for this motor or at least list the steps involved in splitting?? I have a good idea, just don't want to forget a step,part,torque setting etc... Thanks for the quick replies..
Matified said:
I have the billet sleeves and bearing that you can use , it uses a hi quality Jap bearing, if your case is not split it can be a good upgrade, I have done hundreds and it seemed to work well. $25 with bearing.

Pitster also carries that case upgrade as well through PP dealers.
Thanks for the help. Just ordered kit from tbolt. We will see. Thanks for the help, try to update when and if it fixes the problem...
1 - 3 of 10 Posts
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