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ysr manual

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Hi guys, Im trying to find a service manual for a YSR, Can someone please

PM me the file.

btw great site, lots of info.
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nothing on the first link, and second one you gotta pay..

Im sure Its there for free. If someone have it plz share.

you can PM me or email at [email protected]

Hi guys,

can someone email me the ysr manual? I would greatly appreciate it.
Hey BlueMustang,

thank you very much.

MickyT said:
Hey BlueMustang,

thank you very much.


No worries MickyT. If you ever get out to SoCal check out CMRRA. I also have a lot of YSR parts if you are interested.
Guys I'm in Australia. A ticket to the states is almost the same price as a used ysr :)
Hey blue mustang,

do you know who has some used fairings for a ysr50?
I'm in need of the manual also. Can someone pm or email me at [email protected]. Thanks.
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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