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Yosh Pipe for XR/CRF 50

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If this is old news, forgive me but this pipe is SWEEEEEEET !

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for sure.. i emailed yosh a 2 years ago telling them to make a tri-oval pipe for a fiddy, nice to see it on one now
they are still about 5 weeks away.

They are debating to do what they do on their street bikes.

They offer 3 cans for the street bikes.

polished stainless


carbon fiber.
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It's gonna have a big dent in the canister ... Looks like that baby will be hittin the swingarm, possibly the tire as well.
The Yosh tri-oval pipes for the Honda Monkey run 59,000 Yen if you purchase directly from Japan ($550-$600). How much is the US CRF50 verson going to cost?

I love their pipes, but I have a feeling people will choke on the pricetag.
i cant decide if i like how it looks or not 8O
i doubt they will be that much here. Im pretty sure in fact. Last time I talked to someone here they said they would run around the 400 mark. Im thinking if they do a carbon and ti can they will sell no problem.
As you are aware, Yosh does make cheaper pipes, but their tri-oval retails for 71,000 Yen in Japan, but usually can be picked up for $550-$600.

My guess if Yosh does sell a cheaper pipe around $400, it won't have the true tri-oval design as the Monkey pipes do..

But, this is a huge step in the right direction. I'm working with Over Racing to develop a full titanium exhaust that should also come in over $400.00. I won't be selling them, just doing some testing.

Yosh pipes rock, and I would love to see some other quality Japanese companies enter the market instead of Kitaco and Takegawa.
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1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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