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Xtreme mini 110

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Just to let everyone know, PRC is comeing out with a new bike in about 2 weeks. It will be a complete bike with a 110 stroker motor. You will have your choice of which colors you want on the frame and what skin you would like. Every motor mod will be in it including heavy duty oil pump and different gears. Bike will be complete with tall seat foam,frame brace, 70 frount forks with upper triple clamp with tag mini bars, rear swing arm with I shock, rear brake kit, ultima exhaust, IMS shift lever, IMS pegs, the bike will be a complete race ready bike and won't fall apart like some others out there. If your were to build the motor alone, you would spend over $1800 on it. The bike complete will sell for around $3500. Lighter than a $5500 BBr and much faster!!!!!!!


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extreme mini

I get the hint. It seems alot of people wouldn't mind spending more for a bike with a chrome moloy frame.. The first bike will have a re-inforced frame with a frame brace. The future ones will come with a moloy frame.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving!


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Re: Jim spaming

Jim said:
I don't know who put under breakin spokes reply that I was spamming. I am a paid advertiser of plantminis and this is the second time I have been told this. I am starting to get pissed off!! I am only trying to get peoples input so the bike that we offer is the best it can be for the money. As far as advertising, I was told by Nick that when I started advertising that we would be on the frount page like dpmmx because we are offering 10% off for planet mini members and also offering free shipping in contential US for these members. I offered this to members 3 weeks ago but still there is no banner on the frount page like dpmmx. Whats the hold up or whats the problem..I guess you have to be a moderator to get that treatment.



Relax Jimmy im sure Nick will take of ya, the last thing we need here is hostlility. your amoung friends. i will probably be putting an order with ya shortly just need to get some dough 8)
Oh, I see. It was my signature.

sorry about that.

Jim, sorry about your post taking a turn like it did. I am really looking forward to seeing one of your bikes when you get some pics online.

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Once again Jim, as Logikal said, it was not in any of your recent posts you were accused of spamming, as Nick has informed me you have signed up as an advertiser. It was directed at Breakinspokes. Please read more carefully before you post a reply!! Thank you.

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