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Hi Jim-

Rick out here in Seattle. As a side note, you should of received my head today for porting, springs, etc... can't wait to bolt it up and give it a test.

The bike sounds sweet. I agree with the frame comments. A better frame would be worth the extra $ in my opinion.

I currently use various products from PRC and haven't been disapointed yet! I've spent much time on the phone asking about PRC's recommendations and advise and they are usually dead nuts on track. Check out some of their bikes and you'll see they do extensive "field testing."

The bike sounds like a screamer. What forks are you going to include? Rear Shock?

Of course, I'd be glad to ride one out here in WA for you if you want to send it out :p

Take care,

1 - 2 of 25 Posts
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