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When I bought the 1999 xr80r for my boy I noticed it bogged so the seller said he’d work it out before I bought it. He went to a Chinese carb but I wanted the oem. After three years and me finally getting the bike to run good I rebuilt the oem carb and installed it. Fires right up and runs a lot better than it ever has. But it idles high and the air and idle screw doesn’t do much. I can turn the air mixture screw all the way in and and nothing really changes. I can back the idle adjustment to the point it’s gonna fall out and the bike still idles high. I was told that the throttle cable is adjustable and a guy that sorted that out told me he took 1/2” of slack out of the cable because while the bike ran fine it just felt like a dog. I paid him to just look the bike over and he found what I couldn’t. I’d like to do this myself- money aside I just want to know how to tune and fix my kids bike. Any help is appreciated. I removed the snorkel from the airbox prior to the swap and removed the little plate from the bottom of the muffler. Actually woke the bike up a little more than I thought it would. Btw- I’ve been searching for a used fmf for the bike with no luck. And idk if they stopped making an aftermarket exhaust for pre 2001 xr80’s or they’re just all out of stock because of the covid! Thanks
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