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XR75 Forks Specs

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Does Anyone on here know what oil to use for these and how much? I want to service them? Maybe put a heavier oil or add a little more for a little stiffer performance?
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Just any kind of fork oil it doesnt matter, ya adding a heavier oil will stiffin the fork. i dont know how much oil goes in those forks tho.
Thanks! Anyone know the capacities?
I'm sure people would know in afrtermarket upgrades. Because that is where this topic is going! Pleas keep all aftermarket or OEM parts questions or comparisons posted in AFTER MARKET UPGRADES or FIDDY BIKE TALK!
PM 451sdad, he's using 75 forks. The oil level and weight depends on your weight and what riding style you have. Oil level and weight will change the characteristics of the fork, but XR75 forks are typically undersprung and underdamped so stiffening them up likely is a good thing. Again it depends on your style and weight.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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