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I went to put a xr70 intake and carb on my '99 z50r. I ran into clearance issues with the cable bend into the carb-top. I had to bend the tubing to about 90 degrees and it was very difficult to put on. You need to tighten the intake bolts to get the intake to pull flat. This flexes the bend in the cable a bit more. Also it scares me that the intake my leak. I also couldn't use the xr70 airbox, no room so I must get a pod type filter.

Anyone else to this and have an easier solution?

Also the engine is stock, will this carb run well or be too big?

I needed a new carb and am eventually going to an 88cc kit (thats why I didn't buy a fifty carb) when I get some extra cash after I change out the front and rear suspension. So this combo needs to be able to run for a few months.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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