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xr50 pipe on z50???

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can i use a newer pipe on and older z50 i can cut and weld but where to cut and weld and do people do that or dose any one have a pipe for sale?
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I put a crf pipe on my z. I just put the pipe on without the silencer and got an idea of where it needed to be cut and let it rip. I had to make another cut to put the flange for the silencer onto the newly cut head pipe. Anything can be done with the right tools.
so its not that bad of a job because those pipes are all over cheep but no z pipes cheep or anywhere
yea thats what i was looking at. You can find xr and crf pipes everywhere for nothing butnothing for the z. i didnt need anything special its not a race bike and mine wokded out great.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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