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xr50 parts

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hey i found a mint stock 2000 xr70 for $550,

if i buy it, who wants to sale me a stock fiddy

frame, wheels, plastics, and gas tank? let me

know something. and if theres anything else i

would need for the swap let me know. o yah

and i know ill need a pipe and seat too, but ill

get a complete tall seat from bbr and a fmf pipe

just cause its a cheap pipe.
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cheap fmf pipe=no power gain

if all you want is the suspinsion of the 70 then buy a used fiddy then buy some better forks and swing arm... i think that would be cheaper
a used 50 is going to cost as much as that 70 and with the 70 you get the head
so which should i do?
Stick with the whole 70 motor it has a better trans also.70 motors are worth 450+ alone.
buy the 70 and put a trail bikes 88cc bigbore with carb in it and a good pipe you wont need a new head just get that one ported out to 20mm to match your carb
i dont think anyone is seeing the point here.

take basically i wanna take the 70 and sale

all of it but the motor, forks, swingarm,

wiring, and shock, then buy everything else

for a 50. so then it would be a 50 with a xr70

motor and suspension. now let me know something.
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I understand what you are trying to do. Sounds good to me. My bike basically has xr70 suspension. You can't go wrong for the price you're paying for the 70. :)
I think it is a good idea too, if I would have started with a stock bike I would have used an XR70. Just be prepared to still spend over $500 to get it to where you want.

edit-heelclicker how is your avator so big?
i think you have a good idea, go with the 70 transform into fitty
That's what I did. I already had a 50, though. I found a cheap 70 and switched everything over. I parted out the remaining 50 and 70 parts, and I made money off the deal.

I would suggest buying a good aftermarket frame and wheels. Then get the tank and plastics cheap from skindonor. You'll end up with a [email protected]$$ fiddy for the cost of a stock one.
I bought a beater 70 for $300, snagged the head, forks, and swingarm for my 50, then sold the rest 8)
oh and do all the parts transfer over fine i just remembered someone who has one up for sale
rmracer347 said:
oh and do all the parts transfer over fine i just remembered someone who has one up for sale
I've done a few posts on the front end swap, but dont feel like doing all that typing again, so lemme look for one and I'll PM ya

Edit: nevermind, that didnt take long:
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