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xr50 parts frame and forks.

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if you have questions i have answers so give me a call at 775-450-6741 or email me at [email protected]. parts are located in minden, nv (just outside of reno).


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:tragedy:Does the clamp allow you to slide the forks through it? Also, how much is the clamp alone? Send me a private message for the answers. Thanks.
hey interested in the frame, whats the lowest you would go on that frame.
ok so i really do need to get rid of these because i want to get my bike back together so i have lowered the prices. also i will do this:

frame: 275.00 shipped

forks: 175.00 shiiped

that way you are still saving some money. please let me know i still have these parts and they need to go asap!!!!!!!!
ouch i cant go that low 225 shipped?
ShortysPop1 said:
ill give you 100 shipped for the frame...
nice offer lol
moto234 said:
nice offer lol
ya i actually thought it was more of an insult than an offer.
text me at 518-466-4350, could you do 200 shipped. very serious. I wont be around this weekend but i would like to get for pics. PM me back.
i still have these parts!!!!!!!! so make me a reasonable offer and i will work with you. please take into consideration that shipping is not cheap when you make me an offer.
bump. new prices got to get rid of this stuff.
rc164racer said:
What brand was the frame?
it was a five-0 +1.5
1 - 15 of 15 Posts
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