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xr50 or thumpstar 125

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what should i buy im low on money and want a fun pitbike to mess around on i can buy a honda xr 5 with big bar kit rest stock for 450 or i can buy a 05 thumpstar 125 for 400 what shall it be? are thumpstars reliable
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why the honda? i wont have any money to invest into it
maybe not now..but you will be more happy later with the Honda
The thumpstar will work for now but requires some love and mods to keep it going. The honda has a solid motor with tons of upgrades available.
If it just for riding around and having fun/not racing I'd get the 50. Less headaches.
alright im picking up my thumpster today what should i do to it right out of the bat
not to be rude but what was the point of asking witch one if you didnt Listen to anyone
before i didnt know i could get very many parts for it and my son can ride it to he wants to start racing so i think this will be perfect he just grew out of a pw 50
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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