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xr50/70 cheap light setup

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I ordered a replacement ignition from Dr. ATV for my xr70 and it came with a light hook up. With that, a regulator(Dr. ATV) and some foglights from walmart, u got lights. I cut holes through my front # plate and stuck the lights there. The whole setup cost around $100. Its pretty nice!!! I'll have pics of it on here tomorrow. 8O 8O
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You forgot to add its bright as hell to :lol:.
heres the pics of everything and how its setup on my bike

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Have you got to use it much yet? Hows it perform?
Nice job, looks reason to stop when the sun goes down now.
really havent got to use it much because i havent got the regulator on there yet. I just ordered it. My friend told me i didnt need one, because he did the same thing as i did but it was on a lower voltage ignition, so the lights didnt pop on his bike. So i tried that and they poped. But they work pretty good I got to use them for about 5 seconds and they project a lot of light. And tey dont move at all because of the way i mounted it. I raced it around my track today and they didnt move one bit!!!
Another fine example of someone thinking outside the box to create a great modification. After you get all the wiring done, make sure you do a detailed writeup so everyone else can duplicate you fine work.
will do
Yea, those things are definetly super bright, beofore they popped they were throwing out alot of light and when they went out it left a nice little bright spot in my vision like if you stared at the sun or something lol. The lights we have in it are 55w and it powers them with no problem at all so a higher wattage setup could probably be used, the 55w one we got was just the first we came across and didnt know exactly how much power this thing was going to produce. But it is definetly a very trick little setup that for under $100 and having lights its hard to not think about doing it. Im going to do it to my bike as soon as I can order the stuff. And also another plus, is that the flywheel that comes with the kit is lighter than the stock Honda flywheel so the bike revs up faster.
ok after you purchase all the products (ignition, regulator, and fog lights) the setup that i came up with is this:

green wire from stator-this goes to the ground coming off the coil and hooks to the frame

black/red wire from stator-This one goes to the black/red coil wire comeing from your coil

blue/white wire from stator-This one goes to your other coil wire that is-blue/yellow coming out of your coil

yellow wire-Power wire for lights--- Goes first to the #1 on the regulator---Then the wire coming down from the lights goes to hookup-#2 on the regulator

#3 on regulator-ground wire that just connects to the frame.

you can figure out a way to mount the lights and regulator

ill have pics of my setup on the site tomorrow!!!!
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I like that. nice and low pro. good work
We finally got to test them with the regulator to and they put out a crap load of light. We just need to get the lights adjusted down, right now there shootin in the sky lol.

heres how everything is mounted on my bike frrom the lights to the ignition 8) 8)
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cool deal i got a new crf70 i might have to do that 2 after i get the 5 speed 124se motor finished
Get yourself some ring terminals and some shrink tubing and make your wiring a little more dependable!!!
Thats pretty sweet! Is that a Baja Designes stator plate? I was thining about ordering one but instead of fog lights i was thinking about getting a enduro light set up from acerbis.
z88R said:
Get yourself some ring terminals and some shrink tubing and make your wiring a little more dependable!!!
what are ring terminals and shrink tubing???
the stator is from Dr. ATV its much cheaper than Baja Designs.
I cant find it on dratv...can you give me a links to all the stuff you need to do this?
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