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Old post you are replying to but got to admit after riding and xr100 with 110 motor upgrade last weekend I so get why the Cr 80 suspension would be a blast !

I run long travel suspension on both a z50r and xr50 and they are awesome, have an xr600r as well, but a mid size was so much fun. Last weekend I alternated between an xr200r and an xr100 on tight trails, the owner was just as pleased to ride either as I was. The smaller wheeled 100 was so nice on the tight trails, only lacked travel on the big hits but by the end of the day when you were tired it was the most manageable bike, and we both agreed on that.

Xr 100 with cr80 suspension has my vote.

On a side note Xr100 brakes were lame, think that was a owner's issue as 200 also had drums but they worked fine. Disk however is the way to go, no brainer there.
1 - 1 of 68 Posts
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