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xr or crf 70 forks on a crf 50 input???

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good upgrade?? will everything bolt right up? can i still use the stock front wheel? brakes? how much will it raise the front end? im building a 50 w a lifan 150 or like motor to be used only for fast open riding. I already have a 50 w 88 kit and big nobbies for jumps and off roadin. input would be appreciated.


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sets it up a bit...stock wheel will work as long as you grind the brake panel tab on the forks a have to make a bracket for your brake cable too
whats a 70 front end w triples and all worth? would it be better to find sp5 forks for 2-300 used? also any input on the swinger to use and rear shock. I dont want it too tall bc i wont need alot of suspension bc i wont be jumping it really.
well my kids bike has a 70 swinger on it which is a +2 and I put a Fox Float shock...great item there....70 forks will run $60-$150...I got mine for $85 shipped from a member but if ya do a search on here there are some guys selling them....used SP-5's are worth $150-$200 max...they are only $300 can find them here or on egay
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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