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xr/crf 50-70 rear handbrake

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rear handbrake..fits xr/crf 50-70 with or without tall bars...put it on and decided i didnt like it that much enjoy my footbrake much more since i still ride motard ..all parts that came in box and tools INCLUDED (nothing missing) .....25 + shipping ..any questions or pics PM me or email [email protected] hotmail . com ..minus the spaces

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ebay..didnt buy 50 stunt one..saw no need in spending 100 bucks for a pit bike handbrake for a set of drum brakes ..ebay one works just as good..just probably isnt as easy to put on but no noticeable difference btwn mine and the 50 stunt one my buddy runs on his crf50
u should keep that thing for motard. u can still get on the rear brake w/ ease in a right hander.
i tried it..dont like it..cant get used to it at all...i keep grabbing it thinking its a clutch...a hand brake just isnt for me..stunting or racing it just doesnt seem right
nodoze705 said:
sold ..thanks guys

Do you have a link to the ebay seller?
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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