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xr 70 motor

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i am looking for a xr70 motor with the wiring harness, cdi, carb, and intake
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Any interest in an XR50 motor, no harness, have to check to see if I've got a matching carb/intake that's appropriate for the motor...

Or I can set it up as a high comp 72cc build, 17mm carb and matched intake?

No electrics though unfortunately.
how much for the high comp build ?
I have a xr70 motor w/ a Tb 88 w/ racehead kit. Probably most of the electrics as well. ALso manual clutch.

I'd let it go for the right price.

PM me if your interested.
I have one out of a 2003 complete. P.M. me.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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