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xr 50 tard

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well ive been watching motard racing more and more and would liek to get my 50 setup on the street. i've seen the bolt up motard wheels with tires sets for around $200 i've got an 88 kit and well it'll need a clutch soon. But back to the motard question can i rock the stock forks with 1+ forks hd springs and i have a decent shock in the back. everything else is stock except a tall sgr seat. been scopin out some lots that i may be able to run and this looks like somethin i could get into cuz i'm into street bikes. so help a newb tard out :)
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Most of those motard wheel/tire setups have 12" wheels and will not work with the stock forks or swingarm, for a variety of reasons.

1. 12" wheel won't fit in the swingarm

2. 12" front motard wheel won't fit in between the front forks

3. Both wheels use disc brake setups

4. Most motard wheels are at 1.85"/2.15" fronts and 2.15"/2.50" rears. Stock rims are only 1.40" wide.

A pair of IRC MB38 tires will work just fine on stock rims
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