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Xmas gift for my ZB

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Just got these today from Jeff at Minigunz.

Ferodo brake shoes for the ZB50

Z recommended them to me, from what I've read they are the closest thing to disc brakes without actually going to disc brakes. (I would love disc brakes, & 12" wheels, and a Ohlins shock....but baby and mortgage first).

The material looks very neat, with lots of shiny metal bits inbedded within it. Plus it's got the logo stamped on the front.

I'd would install them now and give you a review but we're having a tiny weather problem up here in Vancouver...

We've had 3 weeks of snow, up to 4 feet in someplaces. Usually we average maybe 2 inches a year so it's been a bit of problem....
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Wow! that much snow in Vancouver?

Easy solution. put some studded tires (or paddle rear tire) and/or a snow plow and you're in business. Don't forget the new brake pads...
Something like $25, Jeff said the prices went up Jan 1st.
let us know how they work.
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