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X4R parts entire bike

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I bought this bike in october, put elka shock, trailbikes v2 head and piston, engine is a 160, universal oversize bars, anyways I might part it , if anyone shows interest, cause I've got the whole bike listed in complete bikes for sale for 1,900 bucks, I have 3,300 into it, I rode it for 30 minutes, I must sell it whole, or like I stated above, if anyone shows interest of parting it out, let me know, the plastics are perfect, Engine is fresh, the brakes and rear lever are the long down travel model, not like previous ones, gpx forks , 2 ignition kits, brake master cylinders and cables, Frame is the newest 2 piece pegs with the newer re inforced frame, the stronger one, these don't bend. wheel sets etc. Let me know if anyone is interested in anything, and I'll shoot you a more precise price on everything, for instance I asked 700 for the motor with cooler and intake everything, Elka shock mint shape for 275, front forks with triple clamps 400, and scratch free, same as the day it rolled out of the box,So tell me what section of the bike you want and I'll itemize it out below.
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