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it was bead blasted. it was probley all rusty.
What?!? A gold pipe? That's gotta add 10 or 12 horse!
well I think gold paint is only 10hp but if you throw on a chrome ruff riders sticker (like every idiot here in Columbus, OH does to a stock GSXR600)... the 12-15hp increase is more!
looking at the last pic its for sure black the cam settings or the light in the room is just retarded!

:edit: someone beat me to it!^
dooood that's totally hella saaweeet. Does he have teeth to match??


I want one for my Jetta.
"...Chrome don't getcha home, and gold will getcha rold..." :cool:
" And we can match the pipe to your ride ! Be the first on your block to let everyone know what's HOTTTTT !?!?! "

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This thread when downhill fast, I only have myself to blame.

But seriously if you want a 10 to 12 horse power gain just list your bike on ebay, all those bikes are pushing around 25hp.
1 - 20 of 21 Posts
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