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I am new to this mini thing and a buddy hooked me up with his junk he doesn't want use anymore from his now grown kids. I need a pit type bike for my upcoming race season next year and so he gave me a 1994 Z50R.

It doesn't have any rear wheel, hub, tire, axel, axel adjusters, sprocket.

It does have the rear drum brake setup and torque arm. As I am a complete noob to this stuff I need the help of people in the know. THis bike will not be going off road "intentionallly" just a little runabout for the team members and the wife so she doesn't have to walk. Being a racer I prefer to do things a cheap as possible while keeping the safety factor at an acceptable level. Are there disc brake conversions? Please help a noob get this thing rolling.

Peace Assfault
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