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WTB: Z50 93-99 or a stocker xr50/ crf50 MY LOCATION IS VERMONT!

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Dont want to go crazy on a bike here... just looking for something pretty basic to start my fiance on... I just sold my dual sport bike that was under complete bikes so I have cash in hand, but not much. Something stock would be good, or if it has minor mods thats cool too such as bars, tall seat etc... She really loves z50r's and newer z50's not the oldies though... Because the seat is more comfy than the XR/CRF50 but since I am flipping the bill she will get whats available at a good price. She has ridden pitbikes around the yard before but never left second gear, she is still getting comfy with bikes thats why it needs to be basic... more mods will come in time (on her dime) if you have a crf50/xr50 pink girlie plastics a plus, sorry for the guys out there that rock the pink plastics I'm just sayin.. couldnt hurt your sale if you had them. Post up all the pictures you have of your bike on this thread so we can be the judge of your bike and if the price is within range. List all the details of the bike etc. just so we know what we are getting ourselves into. Thanks a lot guys hope to hear from you soon...
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I think I may have found one... they guy is somewhat local its a 99 z50r which is perfect just what she wants... he was asking 499.00 he said he would take 450.00 for it... it has bar risers, and heavy duty rear shocks rated for 200.00 lbs. I am calling him later today and might meet him tonight :) if we get it I am totally racing it in the upcoming masters of mini poorboy class at the 128

looks the front fender is from a crf/ or xr 50 its red not white, and the rims, and rear brake lever are painted red... other than that it all looks mint and original. I will keep ya'll updated!
talked to the guy he wants to meet me this Saturday morning for the sale... I will post pics once I get the bike!
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