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WTB Tripple clamps

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For GPX...Pitster..OGM...RCM...Motovert.....CHINA PIT with 48mm lower and 45mm upper fork tube openings
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Yeah I got some of those...they fit FASTACE or DNM and anyy other fork with 48mm tubes...GPX/Pitser uses a lower clamp with 48mm diameter and an upper clamp with those will not work

thanx for tryn Bro'...been thar dun that
sure they will just metabo the opening up just abit so they will clamp up that extra 3 mills.......maybe worth a shot if you already have that clamp. I know ghetto.
OH YEAHHHHHHHH!!!! Thanx alot Bro' I have been looking for these for a long is about the same price I paid for some trick ones from whosale cycle...look like them too...I have bought stuff from TDR b4 and they r good people ...ship fast....I don't know why I could not find this on egay b4...there was a kid on here selling parting a pitser but he has decided not to sell till after the holidays...well his loss....once again thanx
I tried buying a complete roller identical to to the clones from TDR but it was like $600 for the bike and $1000 in shipping. I have bought some small stuff from him. a cheap set of levers and a few covers....nothing big.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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