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WTB: stock rear hub

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i need a BRAND NEW or used once or twice, stock crf/xr rear hub with the drum and pads etc. ne one got one? how much u want?
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Brady, your so cool!! I want to be just like you when I grow up!!

brady since richmond kawi team is sponcered by fast 50 y not just get the fast 50 billet rear hub???
cuz im sponsored by sik50s cant run fast50s and i dotn get it free from the team....
Brady, do you even know who this is? Colton really likes me!! AHHAHAHA

ya u gave it away...... EW lol CALL TODAY AND GET ONE FREE LESSON WITH EWMXSKOOLS.COM!! lol :wink: havent seen ya inawhile wut u been up to? and do u aev a new stock hub? lol
Wud up Sharon!! hehehehhe

Ive been super busy with MX schools this spring. I havnt raced in 3 months. Schools almost every weekend. This weekend is my last school that is scheduled. I will being doing some private lessons here and there but I need to get back in race mode. Im picking up two new bikes tomorrow (Yamaha 250F and 250)

And its starting to get hot out so Im jonesin' to get on the water and go jet skiing.

When are you guys coming to MXGP next? You should shoot me an email and let me know ahead of time. We can hook up and go jet skiing. Ive got two stand ups and the lake is close to Monroe.

When I have time to take my XR50(bbr superpro with loganbuilt 102) to my buddies house and race supermoto!!! I race supermoto with Scott (on this site). Its such a freakin blast!!!

Shoot me an email when your coming down this way. "EH"
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i got the rear drum shoot me an offer
do u have the hub with drum insert ? or jsut one of those, how much time is on it and how much?
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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