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WTB.. more parts

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stock rims with brakes

footpegs with kickstand

stunt pegs

thats about all i can think of right now so lmk

all parts for a crf50
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I have a wire harness but no killswitch or cdi for 20 or I can throw in a tak hyper cdi or brand new 5-0 cdi for 50 total
I have a kickstand and a front complete wheel with tire.
you need to tell people what kind of bike you need parts for....

if its for a crf50 then..........

i got the front wheel.
sorry. and everything is for a crf50

how much for the wheel?
I have a rear brake setup for you, comes with cable, perch, everything. I'm asking 25 plus shipping.
PMed you!

Check out my thread, you could use some of the stuff,

I've got the rear hand brake lever, rear shock which is from a crf70 if im not mistaken so its alittle more heavy duty, and I have a whole throttle assembly plus extra throttle cable and brake cables as well.
BUMP.. only have a few things left.
TTT realy need some wheels
GnArKiLl70 said:
TTT realy need some wheels

the complete wheel or just the rim
1 - 20 of 26 Posts
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