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WTB Jincheng 50cc Clutch activator lever also parts supplier

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Looking for Jinchang 50cc parts supplier especially motor parts.
is there such a thing?
Searched the web EBAY and cannot locate replacement parts for the motor.
Any info would be appreciated.
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If you're referring to part #5 shown HERE, I'm willing to bet a Honda actuator lever would work on your engine.
It would also depend on what other parts you need as to whether or not Honda parts could be substituted.
What year is your panda?
Looks nice
Good thing you didn't bet - the shaft splines are different
Those fake whitewalls make it look clean. ill give you props
So are our engines kinda unique to where some parts aren't replaceable like this part you are looking for?
I have a partially disassembled Chinese motor and I think that part. I will get check and update you later today.
Auto part Metal
Auto part Bicycle part Metal
Door handle Hardware accessory

Came out of a 2005 panterra 90. I have the bottom end minus the flywheel and clutch cover
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