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WTB crf50 valve covers

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I need a set of OEM or aftermarket covers not looking to spend more than 10 bucks shipped. Let me know what u have, even if its just 1 ill take it
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contact pm Terry(aka...firepower) I am sure he has what you need.

I see you have bought parts from him already...haha.

The dude has his hands in alot of our pockets.....
Yea I just picked up a rh from him I totally forgot bout that thanks
Just the screw-in valve caps? I saw your PM. I don't have anything billet. On the outside of the engines, anyway;)
yup exactly simple stock easy setup
thanks man sending it right now
money sent thanks again terry
doopsx3 said:
well aren't you a nice guy

Ummmm, no. But I got more of this **** than I'm ever gonna need:)
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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