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Takagawa R' Head w/ New valves - Firepower Port job - Takagawa R' cam - One Tak. piston w/ rings (1hr on them). New gasket kit included.

Ran this head/piston for a about hour. Changed to a different set-up. You will need to buy a 52mm. cyl. Like TBparts or such.

Shipped $250.

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have a 52.4 cylinder (stamped 49cc), piston, cam, and carb. if you want it all for the stock head!

Cyinder $50

Piston and rings $15

Cam $50

PC18mm Carb with matched Takegawa intake $100

If you want it all we can work something out!

This set-up rips!

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mike115 said:
looking to buy a 88CC big more kit for my crf 50

let me know what you got thanks

Stock head or race? Just a cylinder, piston kit, and gaskets? $124 new, or you can wait around looking for a used one that's not TOO beat to Hell...

They're not like cheerleaders and BVD's, snapping back wash after wash, ya see:rolleyes:
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