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WTB 82cc or 88cc Kit

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I need a 82cc or 88cc kit cylinder or complete with head ASAP i am in orange county please let me know what you have.

Thanks B
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adaracing has the 52mm jugs for $40 and dr.atv or a vendor here will have the 52mm piston kit for around $50.. I have a an extra e22 "race" head or sale @ $70 and I think firepower has a ported 70 head for cheap too.
Yeah...and you will be glad if you buy parts from LVstterror or Firepower's parts...I have stuff from both those guys and it is all good...
i have a tb 88 kit with race head new in box. pm me if interested
i got a 88 no head and a bigger carb PM me if interested
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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