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wtb, 14 inch front wheel

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i need a 14 inch front rim for my ogm 140. need the entire rim, spokes, etc. (including or excluding rotor). looking for somethin cheap, just need somthin to replace the odd lookin 12 thats currently on it. o frogot 15mm axle and silver or black preferred.
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i have one id like to sell came with my forks never used it has new tire, also has rotor. complete wheel. i like the 10" rim so i never put it on.
what size is the axle? how much you asking for it? do you have pictures?
ive got a complete setup off of a klx110. i dont know axle sizes etc.. but ill sell the whole setup...rim,tire,axle,brake with lever for 100 shipped? PM me if your interested..
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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