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Will the cam work?

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Hey i have right now a stocker with chp ultima, Takegawa Hyper Camshaft, and some other stuff but i am going to be putting on a 143 kit from brand x with the dome piston. will this work at all or will the valves hit.
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It'll clear. The dome isn't that big and the valve reliefs are big enough but just like any good engine does. You should always check.

These are production parts which mean production tolerances.
it is a ridiculous dome piston and there is no valve dips.
You sure you have a KLX based piston? Can you measure the piston diameter?
I understand it's a 143 kit, but tell me the diameter of the piston. You may have the wrong one.
i dont have a gadge on me but ill have to take a pick later.but it fits fine in the cylinder that it came with.
And there isn't any Valve pockets in the piston? Odd.
You can tell which side is exhaust because of the spark plug relief at the very top of the dome. It shows the spark plug to that side of the piston, so the piston can only go in one way.
It'll clear. That dome isn't that big. It does have valve pockets btw.
i ran that piston for like a year and a half with no problems. it was still running strong when i upgraded.
ok thanks. all i need next is a 26 mm carb. chp manual clutch. and chp plates and pads.
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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