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Will it hold?

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Im going to be biulding a 106 or 108 motor. Im going to be using the TB clutch. My question is, do you guys think the stock tranny will hold? Or should i just step up and get the takewaga 3 speed tranny (that will work with the TB clutch right?) If the stock tranny will hold i will just keep it but if it probably wont hold for long i would rather but the new tranny in while im putting the stroker crank in and save myself some hassle.

What do you guys think?
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yeah u wouldnt regret that clutch but i dont know how much the tranny would hold up im sure it would unless u are droping in like 115,124,117se things like that but i dont know my two cents
your stock tranny is the strongest the takagawa is just a close ratio to make first gear usable.You need the super clutch by takagawa that will make a huge gain but its alot of $$$$
I haven't run it yet, but the Horstman auto clutch is probably a much better choice than the TB clutch or the stock clutch. Your stock tranny should hold up fine, but the clutch definitely won't. The Horstman clutch is more costly, $450 I think, but everything I have heard about it says it is great. Email me at [email protected] if you want more info about it.
I know i want a manual clutch, and i dont feel like dumpin a $1000 into a takewaga clutch and tranny, so the horstan is pretty much out of the picture for me.......even though im sure its nice, i just want a manual thats all.

Ill probably just stick with my stock tranny, il just gear the bike to only use 2nd and 3rd.
Your stock tranny will hold up fine. You don't need to replace the tranny. The TB clutch will also hold up fine, and supposedly TB just released a new manual clutch with 3 plates instead of two that will hold up better.
The Tb clutch, particularly the new 3plate version will hold up just perfectly to the 108. And thats good to know the stock tranny will hold up, I may just go 108 with mine yet.
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