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will a takegawa R-stage piston fit on a regular super head

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I just bought a the R-stage piston from chp, on there moving sale, like 3 weeks ago, and now i just bought the old super head on here, and was wondering if they would fit, i think it will, what do u guys think
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You better get the clay out and double check your clearences .I don't think it will work but if you need one I have a brand new 52 mm superhead piston and rings for the old style $85.00 shipped.The superhead has a different dome than all the other heads and makes it hard to get other brands or models to fit.
The R-stage has a huge chamber like a BBR or CT70. I doubt it will fit in a Super chamber.
the package says it will fit r-stage and regular
also i thought that the old super head had the ct70 chamber,

look at this post too
I have both pistons here the r stage and the superhead and it's not even close.The old 70 chamber is way deeper than the superhead.I already tried this in the spring with an old style 70 head high comp. piston and spent hours grinding and claying and it doesn't work.
well from the top of the pistob to the bottom of the piston (not the skirt), it measures 39mm, and the valve look like they will fitt too, 27mm and 23.5mm, when i measure the pisto
whats the part # on ur piston
I don't have it sitting at the computer ,everything is in the shop.
It's the dome, nothing to do with the overall height.
Still a great deal on the piston. Should be great with an ATC70 head or the DrATV "Ultra"
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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