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Will a Sano swingarm fit a stock 50 frame.

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If it does what else do I need?



Rear brake comp?

Can you help a brother out?
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yes it does fit, yes you need chain, yes ishock is recremmended, ask for a hgher spring rate when putting on swingarm, as for the rear brake to work the swingarm comes with a extention for the rear brake rod
Shift is right... I am not sure about the sano... but my five o SA needed a chain roller (chain and roller shipped to the door via Ron's extreme racing) as well to keep the chain from slapping around. The five o SA is about 2 inches longer. I used 89 links in the chain, and drille a whole into my stock frame right above the pivot bolt. My frame has some use on it so the five 0 SA (swingarm) had some play in it at the pivot bolt. I just jimmied a washer in there until I can get a replacement frame. I would definetly hit ron up for a chain roller and new chain.. He gotz reasonable prices. Oh.. My ishock is a 250lbs spring.. it all works great.
which swingarm is the sano is that the stock style or the big bike style ?

I just installed a SANO on my stock frame, I also have quite a bit of slop. Just where did you "jam" in the washer to take it out?

1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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