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Widening stock subframe

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I'm getting my new shock friday. Its the cheapo shock that starts at 69 bucks on eaby (no idea what the brand name is). I dont know if it will fit between the subframe rails on my bike with the PW 80 swingarm or not. If not, how do you guys go about widening the stock frame? I have seen some little gadget that presses the rails apart... but is there a simpler way? 2x4 and hammer? I swear i'm not as ******* as i sound :lol:
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ya, a big hammer or mallet should do it
i heated it up with oxy/acet torch then my buddy got rready with sledgehammer and a 2x4 (cut on the end like a wedge) and hammered the shiz out if it...take off ur tank tho, the flames go a bit might wanna protect that tank ;) and do one side at a time...
I'm running I Shock
i sure hope you didnt buy that so called "race shock" on ebay. im runing a non res i shock
mxracer728 said:
I'm running I Shock
did you widen yours too?

I have an Ishock and didn't do that to mine
nope, didn't need to widen it
i ran a works performance xr70 shock when i had my stock frame that i widend.
Is there a link. Cause i can't find a shock for a 50 on ebay that starts for 69.00
fiddycrazy said:
Is there a link. Cause i can't find a shock for a 50 on ebay that starts for 69.00
maybe he bought the last one ?
MXgraham044 no he didnt get that silver so called race shock. I dont know what the name of his shock is. It looks like it would work good for the price.
as long as he didnt buy this saweet shock, wow it is ONLY 94$ buy it now
8O 8O
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No he didnt buy that one, haha someone from another forum got one of those, he says its alright. He says its alot better the stock. I still wouldnt get one though.

If i find a picture of his shock ill post it, unless he posts it before me.
that looks like a works shock. pretty good deal i say
its blue like a works shock...

it must be worth it...

id be scared to sit on a cheap shock, who knows.
looks like a good deal cosidering its cheaper than this "thing"
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