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wich bike should i get

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, 05 crf50, adult springs,pegs, aftermarket front end, bbr88cc kit with bigger carb, just serviced, oil change and valve adjustment, . the bad... needs a front brake master cylinder for 750

or this
ts a 2004 Honda crf 50... All brand new parts.. Has +3 BBR swingarm, FMF exhaust, Monster energy Graphics, Manual Clutch Kit, Marazocchi Style Front forks with disc brakes and black 12in. Front wheel, custom iron cross rear sprocket, new chain and front sprocket, Green and Black seat, 88cc Big Bore Kit, Big Gun Rev box, Kenda millvill rear tire, comes with 2 michellin ms2 starcross rear tires..It has about $2,000 invested in it< thats what the dued said .and comes with all stock parts:dunno::afro:
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I dont want to be the one to say it but that first bike is soooo choppered out its not even funny haha
AHPminis said:
I dont want to be the one to say it but that first bike is soooo choppered out its not even funny haha

+2 and you gotta love the handle bar position.......LOL
+3 ..... and I don't think the second is a honda motor.....

I think I would stay away from both and keep looking
i had a 110 a few days ago. but i sold it i paid 200 sold it for 400..
and the second 1 is a honda motor.. he just got a cheap cover... and the 1st one is really choppered lol and the risers and bars are ugly but i think i can talk him dowm alot
I would start looking for a frame now then. The second one is chinese, almost guaranteed. The forks definetly are, so my guess is so are the frame and motor. Probably just replaced the swinger.
its not a chinese lol the forks are its a crf 50 the motor and frame are atleast
i would keep looking .........there is alot of bikes for sale .......
not around here.... no one really has pit bikes. if u had to pik one wich would it be?
lmfao wich one is better lol
dblockcakes said:
lmfao wich one is better lol

i would not buy either of them imo
First one looks like it had ape

Honestly,i would keep looking,but if you set on getting one of these i would go with the second one,but only if it's a honda motor.
thanks haha its a honda motor lol
1 - 20 of 38 Posts
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