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This is taken straight of of there web page

"At BBR Motorsports Inc., we're dedicated to building great 4-stroke off-road motorcycles."

"Our modifications are conceived, designed, and tested with one goal: Building a better product. We take pride in the fit and finish of all BBR products, but function comes first. Whether it is aluminum, titanium, chro-moly, or carbon-fiber, we are always searching for the best materials for every application."

If you look at all of the R&D work that BBR does by machining all of there own parts. They make some of the trickest parts and accesories for 4-strokes on the market. If they sold mass produced parts they could sell them cheaper. But they don't and they aren't going to. So you are really paying for the priviledge to have a part that you know has been tried and tested and beat on and kicked. These parts are strong and built to last.

Also look what it comes with.

*• BBR Big Valve/Big Port Cylinder Head*

• BBR Aluminum Cylinder

• 52mm 11:1 piston, rings, pin, clips

• Exclusive BBR Motocross grind Camshaft

• Complete top end gasket set

• 18mm Carb Kit with throttle and cable

• Performance manifold and air filter

*• BBR Camshaft cover*

*• BBR HD Clutch Springs*

*• High volume oil pump*

• Detailed instructions

Most of the kits i've seen do not come with the oil pump or the cyclinder head.

The Takegawa kit is $600 and doesn't come with that stuff it comes with


High Dome compression Piston and ring set,

Rocker Arms set

Timing Gear

Aluminum Cylinder

gasket set.

11.7:1 Compression Ratio

with large ports and valves.

The carb and cam are optional

The Kitaco kit is identical to the takegawa and comes with the same stuff also with the carb and cam being optional.

BBR has made this kit at a reasonable price but it comes complete with detailed intructions.

Just my $0.02

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Scott said:
Have you seen BBR's instructions.?? I installed a 82 kit in my buddies 50 and I must say bbr's instructions are the worst. I had to revert back to my instructions from my Takegawa kit. :roll:

No I haven't do theyu suck. OR are they just complicated? I just seem to side with BBR beacause of there quality and determination to strive a United states buseiness in a pretty much Japaness dominated market. You have to give them props for becoming what they are today
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