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whooole lot of questions... pitster set up

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ive got quite a few questions.

heres a pic.

08 x4r.

the clutch is slipping baaad.

should i just order a kit from pitster or is there something else i should buy??

what bend tag metal bars should i run??

mini racer

mini racer hi


and id like to run some sunline unbreakable levers.

what ones will fit with pitster??

my shift lever isnt long enough for me to wear boots.

size 12.

any suggestions??

the carb spits out gas all the time.

how should i go about fixing that??

thanks for any ideas and answers guys.

i got the mini late august and rode it a quite a bit and had a ton of fun.

but the clutch problem almost put me on my face a few times.

plus i was focusing on big bike stuff.

made me forget about the little guy.

but its lonely and cold and we need some seat time together.

help me get back out there!!

thanks again.

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Pull the clutch cover off to inspect the oil slinger and clutch ... Check inside the slinger for bits of black rubber etc and clean it out if necessary ... Also check the slinger for signs of trauma where it mates to the steel splined section ... If it looks suss ... remove it and replace it with a lightened one piece steel unit ... tbolt USA sells 'em ...

IF there's no clutch rubber particles in the sling ... you can buy new H/D plates and springs for your existing clutch or just wait and buy a new 6 plate clutch as soon as the become available ... When reassembling ... make sure both the clutch and slinger nuts are tight ... some say to red loctite 'em for added safety ...

Handle bars are a personal preference thing that only you can really decide on ie ... Do you like wide low bars ... OR high bars ... For racing , low wide bars are generally better for superior control ...

Match your stock levers to what Sunline has to offer ...

As for the leaking carb ... Check this thread out :
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im not sure if i understand about the clutch.

ill pull it off and look and see if i can figure some things out.

definitely a racer so i want some wider bars.

but i dont want to end up with some tiny xr50 bars so i wasnt sure what was a good bend for a pitster.

ill have to look into the carb too.

not really sure what to do about it though.

that post talked about the choke being stuck but didnt say how to fix it.
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im gunna get the mini works. they look plenty tall and im 5' 11.
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