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who would win

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thumpstar 125 05 or stock honda with 88 kit
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everyone says the thumpstar 125 sucks does it?
depending on the track and the rider skill level and if the honda was modded beyond just an 88 kit.

overall i'd say the honda would win if it was a properly tuned race head motor with fairly equal riders.

based on my own experances with 124cc china motors and takegawa race head 88 motors , my old 124 got waxed.
can uput in 88 kit in a thumpstar
foxracer196 said:
can uput in 88 kit in a thumpstar
you can put any honda style engine in it. but an 88 kit wont work on the 125 engine.
I had a similar question, only on China motors though. How does the china 88/90 compare to the 125....say an SSR90R vs. an SSR125 A-1?
a honda 88cc done right would kill a stock china 125... depends on each build.
Depends on the head. 88 with a stock head, not a chance. 124 with a BVH would blow it away more. Stock head vs. stock head, the 124 would win. 124 with stock head vs. 88 w/ superhead... probably the 88 then.
which one will run longer with out breaking???
i have an Xtreme CR3 with a 125 in it. ported/polished. and my buddy has a CRF with an 88 stock head. We are about the same riding abilities and he could keep up with me on a track
but how reliable thumpstar
ill let u know tomarrow im racing my friend
a chinese 125 motor that is running properly and has the correct compression (i.e. little johhny pitbike rider never cleaned his air filter and its smoking like a 2 stroke) will walk away from an 88cc anything. Your honda 88 is a 3 speed (unless its a 4 thousand dollar 88cc motor... but thats just dumb) and the 125 is a 4 speed. I dont know what kind of racing you are talking about. Drag racing the bikes... the 125 will dominate. The 88 might have an advantage on a super tight track... it all depends on rider skill.

If its a stock head 88... you might as well race a pedal bike against the 125. Race head makes a big difference... but without the long stroke of the 125, it has no torque.

To make serious power out of an 88, guys tend to do things like run big carbs, wild cams, pistons that require race gas... etc. etc. That usually makes for a motor thats all top end but is pretty doggy down low in relation to a motor with a longer stroke. A smooth running chinese 125 is hard to beat with a budget honda... i'll leave it at that.
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firepower354 said:
Swell, but I wanna know who'd win this shootout:

in a drag race the 125 should win if motors were both tuned correctly. Pretty hard to compete with a 4 speed. On my 88 with a race head I have spanked bikes with bigger motors but it is due to experience more than the power of the motor. My "dumb" motor with only the honda cases left stock will crush a stock Thumpstar, but who wants a "dumb" modded honda motor?

I'm with firepower354... I'd like to see the video, please?

ill get it up tomarrow what about ssr 110? and a thumpy
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