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Which TB88 Kit to get????

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Hello all! I know that this has been talked about quite a bit but I did do a search and had trouble finding a good answer...

My roommates and I want to get bigbore kits but we are not sure if we should go with the TB 88cc Bore Kit, 20mm Carb Kit & Cam ($275.00), or the TB Race Head, 88cc Bore & 20mm Carb Kit ($399)... we pretty much either ride around on the street or mess around on some small trails and jumps near where we live. Is there a lot of difference in performance and is the initial setup much harder with the race head? Would it be worth the extra $125 for the race head? How about longevity and reliability? Any info would be much appreciated! Thanks!

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Spend the money now so you don't have to spend more later. Get the uprated oil pump too while you are at it. The head is slighly more difficult to set up because you'll either need a spring compressor, or you'll have to fabricate yourself some tools to install the valves. Installing the head is a piece of cake.. With the head, you are looking at 6.5-7.5 HP depending on your exhaust and tuning abilities.

It's your choice. Go with what you gut tells you is right.
well the choice is if you want to keep the stock head or not, the race head will give around 1.5-2 more hp. for you and your buddies just puttin around the basic kit will be fine IMO.
I have both and there is DEFINATLY a difference between the two. The one with the race head has hella more torque.

Unless you have a valve spring compressor, you will need to take the head to someone to seat the valves. Have them lapp the valves while they're at it and beware of shady ass mechanics trying to jack you on the price. I got quotes as high as 70.00 to do it. I eventualy found someone (who does all my motor work now) and he only charged me 15.00. 8)

Don't forget to get a HV oil pumps too.

If you are mechanically inclined, assembly is a no brainer.
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Buy it all now. You'll kick yourself later if you don't
p.s. You'll need to remove the exhaust studs from your old head or you can use stainless steel 8mm hex head bolts. (cut to size) also you'll have to drill the oil passage out with a 5/64 or 2mm bit when you put the oil pump in.

Here's some links to help you with assembly: (.pdf file)

Not only will you love the added HP, you gotta admit, it just looks bad ass too! :twisted:

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Geez thanks everyone for your speedy replies and awesome info! Looks like we want to go with the 88 kits with race heads... is our best bet to get them directly from their website? Did I hear about getting them from somewhere with the head assembled already? Any more advise would really help! THANKS SO MUCH!

As a personal opinion, I'd rather buy from TB and have the customer service and support. Mike is straight up.

Spend the coin to get the valves's peanuts in the big picture.

My .002 (after taxes) :wink:
What type of place can seat the valves for us? Honda dealership? Generic small engine shop? Any ideas? Im the bay area CA if nyone knows a local place. Thanks

I bought the same kit from

It comes with the head assembled and the HV oil pump all for $425.00.

Just something to consider. comes with the head assembeled and HV oil pump for 420 :lol:
Is a lil more head ever a bad decision?

Do it all at once. I wish I would have.

It eliminates the tick if you get the head too.

More head please.
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