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which pipe

  • bbr big bore exhaust

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  • White bros R4 exhaust

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which pipe

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im trying to keep it kinda quiet so i was thinking about the bbr and putting the stock end cap on it but i heard someone say that the White bros R4 was real quiet thanks for any help

I have the tb 88cc bbk and the tb manuel clutch
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BBR has a quite exhaust insert for their pipe. It takes the sound level down to just about stock however you will lose some power with the insert. It's easy to install just 3 allen head bolts.
ok.....dunno bout losing the power though....i might keep stock but then im not sure if thats limiting the performance of the engine or not??
of couse it is, the more restriction the quieter. The more restriction= less flow, the less flow=less power.
i think u r gonna have to get the bbr cause the white bros will not

work with your man. clutch. it hits where the cable connects to the motor
ohh i see thanks
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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